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The 9th International Conference | Towards a Humane City Reshaping Mobility

The Erasmus project PELMOB through paper “SUSTAINABLE URBAN E MOBILITY TO TOWARDS INCLUSIVE CITIES” was presented at the conference by authors: Osman Lindov, Aleksandra Petrović, Nebojša Arsić. 

The conference “Towards a Humane City Reshaping Mobility“ served as an exceptional opportunity to engage with industry professionals, experts, and academics from around the world who share a common goal of shaping sustainable cities and Urban E mobility.  

During the conference, the project team members actively promoted PELMOB, highlighting its core principles of personalization, electrification, and connectivity. Attendees had the chance to delve into the project's visionary concepts and witness how it is poised to revolutionize urban mobility. The interactive presentation captivated the audience, sparking meaningful discussions and fostering collaborations in the pursuit of sustainable urban E mobility