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Project Title: Capitalization of Adriatic-ionian Reliable Intermodal Connections to support the EUSAIR Action plan

Project Acronym: CARICA

Project Code: 1°TCE/0009/0

Priority: 3 Accessibility and Networks
Measure: 3.2 Sustainable mobility systems

Lead Beneficiary:
Off. name Rete Autostrade Mediterranee Spa. (RAM)
Country ITALY
Nuts II-III eq. Other [art. 97 reg (EC) 718/2007] – Italy

Project length: May – November 2016.

Total Budget: 818.667,50 €

Number of Beneficiaries per Country:

  • GREECE 1
  • ITALY 5
  • Other [art. 97 reg (EC) 718/2007] 0
  • SERBIA 0

CARICA capitalises the gained results of the IPA CBC Programme 2007-2013 already financed projects ADRIATICMOS (1st call), INTERMODADRIA (2nd call) and EASYCONNECTING (call for strategic projects) dealing with the development of freight transports in the Adriatic-Ionian area and their connections to EU member states. The main organizations involved in these projects collaborate in CARICA, directly as a final beneficiary or indirectly as an associated partner. Thanks to the present partnership, only CARICA ensures the capitalization of these previous projects in the EUSAIR Action Plan. CARICA contributes to achieve the specific objectives 1 & 2 of the second EUSAIR Pillar by improving connectivity within the region in terms of transport networks through a coordination of infrastructure works and improved operation of transport systems between the countries in the region. In particular, the Project proposal is in line with Topic 1 “Maritime Transport”, Priority Action “Developing Ports, optimizing port interfaces, infrastructures and procedures/operations” since it intends to make efficient and sustainable investments decisions for the infrastructural development of ports and logistics centres, through the development of integrated plans and financial roadmaps and on the basis of forecasted traffic flows resulting from the three capitalized projects. CARICA is also in line with Topic 2 “Intermodal Connections to the hinterland”, Priority Action “Developing MoS” because it will support intermodality and sustainable transport by involving decision makers, practitioners of the intermodal freight transport. CARICA general is to foster the connectivity between the Adriatic-Ionian regions and improve the coordination at macro-regional level of the decision-making process in maritime transport for the joint implementation of strategies and infrastructural investments, with specific attention to the improvement of the Adriatic Motorways of the Sea.'The project also aims to upgrade the intermodal services on the existing maritime links between the two shores of the Adriatic Sea to improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of traffic flows and resolve critical bottlenecks. CARICA will involve decision makers, practitioners of the intermodal freight transport and will sustain the preparation of PPP initiatives as leverage for a sustainable development of the intermodal freight traffic of the EUSAIR Region. Specifically: – CARICA will derive a joint transnational database of bottlenecks (administrative, legal, financial, organisational, infrastructural, ICT…) impeding the intermodal transport development of the Adriatic Ionian area to be shared with decision makers, public/private practitioners. – CARICA will derive the obstacles about the development of the MoS and the related inland networks from the results of the ADRIATICMOS and will prepare specific technical and financial feasibility studies for the upgrading of MoS infrastructure and/or the improvement of services to intermodality (useful for future CEF calls). All feasibility studies will take into consideration the forecasted freight flows of the three previous projects assuring that the proposed intervention take into consideration the evolution of freight traffic in the EUSAIR area. – CARICA will consider the recommendations of these projects in terms of infrastructure developments and investments to prepare a comprehensive overview, to be discussed with the public and private practitioners, regarding the analysis of different financing schemes and tools necessary to cope with the current lacks of the national, regional and local funds considered to be insufficient for covering the costs. – CARICA will create synergies with other projects of this call (CAPTAIN, STEP-UP,…), improving the opportunity to capitalize past experiences in order to consolidate the integration and harmonization of transport policy in the whole area addressed.